Ozark Ride, May 19, 2014

Russellville, Arkansas

May 20, 2014

Ozark National Forest Entrance Sign


Route Map: Ozarks Ride


Paco and I rode a 200 mi. circuit starting in Russellville, AR. We began north along  Route 7–a winding scenic road that runs through the heart of the Ozark National forest.  After about 80 miles, we traveled east on 206 just north of Dogpatch, AR (yes, it’s a real place) where we picked up Route 65 and turned south. Just before Marshall, AR, we shifted west on Rte. 74 through Snowball, AR to eventually connect with Rte. 27 and back to Route 7.

Ozarks Overlook

Impressions: we rode so many twisties, I Iost count.   While there were occasional 50 mph sweepers, it was a series of challenging sharp curves, with 20 and 25 mph speed limits. At the beginning of the ride, we encountered chilly temps and then very dense fog that reduced visibility to just a few feet. Later the sun broke through and it turned out to be a clear warm day so we could enjoy the overlooks of the “Grand Canyon” of Arkansas.

At the top of mountain: Ozarks Ride
At the top of mountain: Ozarks Ride

The population of Arkansas is slightly less than 3 million people in 52,000 square miles. You can ride back roads for many miles and not see another car. Most people were friendly, helpful and interested in what we were doing. Not many bikers ride BMWs in this part of the U.S. so my bike was a bit of an attraction.

We stopped at the Big Piney Ranger Station for a break and information. The lady ranger was welcoming and went over our route on one of her maps. She had some photos of a big snow storm that hit the mountains a few years ago and explained that the residents of Snowball were without power for six weeks. Ouch. We returned to the “Badger Den” at the Mission RV Park in Russellville, tired but satisfied with a rewarding day’s ride.

Today was a travel day through OK and TX. Tomorrow, we plan to drive to an RV park near Farmington, NM and start the Four Corners tour the next day.

Paco says, “Alleluia, we did it!”

End of our blog for today.  Cheers, “Rufus” & “Paco”


6 thoughts on “Ozark Ride, May 19, 2014”

  1. And you haven’t even been gone for a week! Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the four corners. Simon and I are holding the fort.

  2. Twisties can be fun, but in great numbers, awful tiring, and sometimes downright scary. Ride safe and watch out for the knuckleheads on four wheels. Wish I was with you.


  3. I have been deputized to arrest two miscreants who have fled imto the New Mexico Territory. These two scaliwags and horse thieves have comitted various crimes, including cheating at Faro, dry-gulch ambush, robbing the Glendale Train, and speaking rudely to schoolmarms.

    Traveling under the names of “Frank,” and “John,” they have been spotted at numerous saloons. Although both are as ugly as burnt boots, neither one is a hard case, and are plumb weak north of their ears.

    They will usually vamoose when given a hard look (although they are both curly wolves when drinking whiskey), and I am confident that I will easily apprehend them. There is no reward for their capture…I am just doing a favor for the territorial Judge…

  4. Hey Rooster, having personally accompanied one of these two miscreants on late-night adventures from Olean to Norfolk, the term “Badger” is aptly applied and their capture might prove to be a pyrrhic victory!

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