Where are you going?

When I’ve mentioned I’m taking an extended motorcycle trip west with my old pal, Paco, the first question is: Where are you going? The unsatisfying answer is, we’re not sure–just yet.  Regardless, the Honey Badger Biker Blog will chronicle our motorcycle trip west and the answer will be: Here we are, wherever that may be.

As is likely obvious, this is my first blog and very rudimentary. As I learn more about how it works, I expect to make visual and content refinements.

Why the Honey Badger theme? Honey Badgers are fearless, a bit crazy, and will eat just about anything. That seemed to be the perfect mascot for two geriatric bikers.

4 thoughts on “Where are you going?”

  1. Perfect question, perfect answer. Have a blast. Look forward to following your progress. Dirty Chris lives on!

  2. Congratulations on two firsts: a bucket list motorcycle trip across the US and setting up your blog. I will follow the Honeybadgers as they make their way into the unknown.
    As we say in France, Bon Vent!

  3. I like the idea of blogging along as you go Westward Ho
    go luck hope to see you on your return


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