Update coming soon!

Giant Paul Bunyan, Akeley, MN
Giant Paul Bunyan, Akeley, MN

I know about four days have come and gone without a post. Sorry. I’ve been without internet connections and my phone’s hotspot is, well, spotty and painfully slow when I try to upload photos.

However, I have working on the narratives for the previous ride segments and hope to post some fresh material with pictures later today.

I’m taking a break and resting up at my Aunt’s house near Omaha where she is graciously feeding me and providing accommodations. She also has a wonderful cat named Tabby and we have become friends…especially since I’ve fed him a couple of times.

My phone’s hotspot seems to be working OK here, though still slow. I’ll see what I can get posted to bring things up-to-date or close to it by this evening. I had some interesting adventures in Minnesota and Fargo, ND, along with a visit to an historical site in Iowa associated with the Lewis and Clark Expedition near Sioux City, and a stop at Lewis and Clark State Park in western Iowa where I met members of the Lewis and Clark Society.

Remer Depot
Old Depot in Remer, MN on the Soo Railroad Line (now a snowmobile and mountain bike trail)

More later…stand by and thanks for your patience.