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In the Ozarks

After a very long drive across Tennessee and Arkansas, we found an RV Park with nice amenities except for the train tracks nearby that cause the camper to shake as the trains roll by. Tomorrow we ride through the Ozark Mountains in a 100+mi. loop. Good weather expected. Pictures to follow soon.

Where are you going?

When I’ve mentioned I’m taking an extended motorcycle trip west with my old pal, Paco, the first question is: Where are you going? The unsatisfying answer is, we’re not sure–just yet.  Regardless, the Honey Badger Biker Blog will chronicle our motorcycle trip west and the answer will be: Here we are, wherever that may be.

As is likely obvious, this is my first blog and very rudimentary. As I learn more about how it works, I expect to make visual and content refinements.

Why the Honey Badger theme? Honey Badgers are fearless, a bit crazy, and will eat just about anything. That seemed to be the perfect mascot for two geriatric bikers.